Other Side of a Cook Ely Photograph

This is the Zoomified reverse side to a Cook Ely photograph. Cook Ely trained Beatrice Tonnesen and some few years thereafter retired and sold his studio equipment to Beatrice.

The image is interesting for the photographic society, the photographic award, the technology mentioned, the date, the address, the fancy type font, and the edge design.

This particular image is of the backside of Tonnes Tonnesen’s image, Beatrice’s father. It is representative of one of the two images of young Beatrice in Slideshow Album 3, both of which were taken by Cook Ely. I will post the flip side of the other image later.

Images posted for Slideshow Album 4 and new Album 6

Child's Prayer At TwilightFour new images were added to Slideshow Album 4 which illustrates the article “Identifying Tonnesen’s Work: The Unsigned Images.” The article can be found from the link, by scrolling down this page, or under Categories: Articles by Lois Emerson.

Album 6 contains images made available from the United States Library of Congress. All nine images have been posted.

Advertisement: 1902 in American Monthly Review of Reviews

Beatrice Tonnesen Advertisement 1902From The American Monthly Review of Reviews, Edited by Albert Shaw, July-December 1902. Reproduced from Google Books.

Small prints says:

The Tonnesen Life Photographs are acknowledged to be the most superb productions in all the world. Beatrice Tonnesen, the poseuse, was the American Representative of Photography at the Paris Exposition, and stands at the head of Photographic Art.
In Black Flemish Oak, with Finest Belgian Glass,

  1. A. Hayseed,
  2. The Tonnesen Madonna,
  3. My Baby Sleeps,
  4. A Letter from Home,

Size, 11 x 18 inches.
If desired beautifully hand-colored, add $1 for one or all. Exquisite Holiday Gifts. Send P.O. or express order for $2 or $3 to

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