Beatrice Tonnesen Catalog

This Slideshow displays the most complete catalog of Beatrice Tonnesen’s works available. Only a handful were reproduced from glass negatives (film did not exist). Many of the images were reproduced from original prints. Other images were restored from calendars and newspaper inserts. New images are being added to the catalog as new source material becomes available.

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A Sampling of Tonnesen prints from Lois' collection.

Prints bearing signatures or attributions from Lois' collection

Mrs. Nelson is Beatrice Tonnesen's great-niece.

Though unsigned, these prints from Lois' collection contain Tonnesen identifiers.

Selected prints from the Nelson Family collection

Library of Congress images discovered by Sumner

Images of Virginia Waller, Jane Berghauer and others from various contributors

Images of William Redmond, Betty Crowe and others from various contributors

Images of newly identified and still unknown models from various contributors

Selections from the Collections of Beatrice Tonnesen's great nieces and nephew.

A news photo of Victorian and Edwardian era models accompanies images of prints from Lois' collection.

Oddly constructed prints with Tonnesen elements from Lois' collection

Contributions of Tonnesen images from site visitors are welcome!

Examples of early print advertising from various contributors

These images comprise the digitized collection of the Winneconne, Wisconsin Historical Society holding produced by Beatrice Tonnesen. They are not Ms. Tonnesen's complete works. They are just a large portion of her works. Photos from WHS are shown, along with some companion prints from Lois' collection.

This album is a subset of Album 15 from the Winneconne Historical Society. It represents the images which were scanned on my second visit there. I did not have time to scan these images during the first visit.

Mary Simmonds, Indian Maiden model