From: The Daily Herald, Thursday, October 18, 1900, Delphos, Ohio

“Two Women Picture-Makers: They Represented American Women in Artistic Photography at Paris

bt1900.jpgThe work of American women in artistic photography has been represented at Paris by two delegates, both of whom are ably fitted by reason of talent and artistic achievement, to speak for the feminine exponents of the profession. Miss Beatrice Tonnesen read a paper before the International Congress of Photography at the Paris Exposition. Miss Tonnesen is a Western girl, coming originally from Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Her professional career is, however, identified with Chicago, and from a provincial girl, equipped with the foundation of a thorough technical knowledge of photography, she has become a well known business woman of the metropolis of the West, with a thorough understanding of photography as a fine art.”

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  1. The Winneconne Historical Society has over 100 photos of Breatrice Tonnesen. Beatrice was born in our village and lived here in retirement. Is there any site with her biographical information. ME

  2. Hi,\nI don’t know of any site other than this one that contains biographical information on Beatrice. The Oshkosh Public Museum does have a clipping book.\nThanks for writing.\nLois

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