Prints Signed “A. Pope” Came From Tonnesen Photos

'Faith and Loyalty', Print signed 'A. Pope'.  Original photo by Beatrice TonnesenTwo prints commonly found on early twentieth century calendars with the signature “A. Pope,” originated as photos by Beatrice Tonnesen. The original photos can be found in the Tonnesen archive of the Oshkosh (WI) Public Museum.

The calendar prints are “Faith and Loyalty,” featuring a small boy holding his German shepherd's paw – shown top right, and an untitled print featuring a sleeping boy with a dog who is guarding him. (That print, along with the original Tonnesen photo from which it came, is shown in our post titled “Popular Boy and Dog Image…”, December 23, 2007.)

Boy with Dog.  Original photo by Beatrice TonnesenShown here, below the print titled “Faith and Loyalty,” is the original photo by Beatrice Tonnesen from which “A. Pope” apparently painted. I've included a third print (bottom) which is unsigned, but is done in a style similar to the “A. Pope” prints and which features the same boy and shepherd dog as in “Faith and Loyalty.” The boy wears a straw hat and sits by a battered valise that appear to be the same props used in “The Barefoot Boy” (See Slideshow Album 1), a print by R. Atkinson Fox, that also started as a Tonnesen photo. So I would guess this bottom print, too, began as a photo by Beatrice Tonnesen, although no photo has yet surfaced.

Colored print of boy and dog sitting next to battered leather valiseAnd who is A. Pope? I don't know. I'm not aware of anything signed “A. Pope” except these prints. There was an Alexander Pope (1849-1924) who painted dogs and wildlife. But these prints don't look like A. Pope’s work. Could “A. Pope” be yet another R. A. Fox pseudonym? Could it be a pseudonym for Beatrice Tonnesen? Maybe someone out there knows.

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7 thoughts on “Prints Signed “A. Pope” Came From Tonnesen Photos

  1. I have one of the prints signed A Pope and am trying to find out some things about it. I would also like to find out if there is any value to it. Please let me know if you have any more info. You can reach me at\nThank you!!

  2. Hello,\nThe prints signed “A. Pope” are very appealing and quite popular among collectors of vintage prints. The value of your print would depend on its size and condition, whether and how it is framed, and on local market conditions. I expect to be posting some new information on “A. Pope” shortly, so please stay tuned! Thanks for visiting our site.\n-Lois

  3. Over 50 years ago my Mom gave me the print “Faith and Loyalty.” I have always treasured it. Just now, while boxing up my belongings for a move, I, just by chance, googled-up this website and there was my picture! I am so very pleased. My picture is not in very good condition after all these years, but I will definitely pass on this information to my children. I’m so sentimental about these small possession. Thank you

  4. I have the print that matches your top picture. My Faith and Loyalty print has a number 2934 on the bottom right and A.Pope on the bottom left. I believe that it is in the original 12 x 16 frame. Does my print have value? Other then being beautiful that is. \n\nThank You,\nSherri C

  5. Hi Sherri,\nThanks for writing. I agree that the print is beautiful! It’s value depends on its condition, the type and condition of the frame and the vintage art market in your area. The subject matter of the A. Pope prints does appear to be very popular with collectors but, beyond that, I’m afraid I can’t advise you. Good luck!\n-Lois

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