Beatrice Tonnesen’s Scrapbook

Following is a reproduction and restoration of the personal scrapbook of Beatrice Tonnesen. The original is in the Oshkosh Public Museum, Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Scott Cross, archivist at the museum, was kind enough to provide access to scan the original and provided publication rights for this website.

The scrapbook is reproduced in the exact order as per the museum copy, however it is held together by a shoestring, literally. I believe that the original order was somehow not retained over the years, and obviously it doesn’t not represent a chronological progression. It has been scanned for optical character recognition, and so it is searchable for words and phrases.

I have used Scribd to host the document into this web site. The latency of presentation has varied, but it’s a big file, so give it a few extra seconds to do its work.

Because of the nature of this document, rights are restricted by The Oshkosh Public Museum as originator, Sumner L. Nelson as restorer, and this web site.

Beatrice Tonnesen’s Scrapbook

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