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  1. Can you give the title of the print the lady in a pink dress looking out window ?
    It ‘s Ullman Mf. Co 1898.

    Thanks—Bette Bugni

  2. Hi Bette,

    I’m sorry but I don’t know that print, although I have seen a number of Victorian parlor scenes marked “Ullman.” They do resemble those that Tonnesen produced during that same time period. However, I have yet to find a Tonnesen model or prop in an Ullman print, so I don’t think the Ullman Co. published prints by Tonnesen.


  3. We just ran across a B&W photo that i believe was printed in the Chicago Inter Ocean September 15, 1901. The photo is of a baby in a bassinet, a little blond girl and a young woman (mother) both looking at the baby. It has a copyright of 1900 by the Tonnesen Sisters. Could you provide me with some back ground? Any information is appreciated.

  4. Hi Kathi,\nAround that time, prints of Tonnesen’s photos were popular features of Sunday newspaper supplements across the country. Newspapers also sometimes offered a collection of her photo prints for sale at a discounted price as a thank-you to customers. The subjects of her photos varied, but the mother/child theme was a popular one. I’m not sure exactly which of her mother/child prints you have, but it sounds similar to the ones that appear as images #4 and # 5 in our Slideshow Album 5. You may be able to identify the models in your print by viewing the newspaper ad shown in Album 11, Image 1 and Tonnesen’s ad shown in the Tonnesen Business section on this site and titled “Beatrice Tonnesen Introduced New Trend in 1890 Advertising.” Good luck and thanks for writing.\nLois

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