Winneconne Historical Society Reports New Finds – See them Here!

Marjorie Eid of the Winneconne (WI) Historical Society reports that more than 100 original photographs by Beatrice Tonnesen have recently been found. Tonnesen grew up in Winneconne. Most of the photos were found in an old, long-unopened envelope box at the Society. The donor is unknown. The collection contains a wonderful range of subjects and time periods, everything from Victorian family scenes to portraits of glamorous flappers.

Scott Cross, Archivist at Oshkosh Public Museum, itself the holder of a large Tonnesen archive, has authenticated the Winneconne photographs, terming them an “absolutely wonderful collection.” Sumner Nelson, Beatrice Tonnesen’s great-nephew, has scanned most of the photos and posted them to this blog. Those images can now be seen in Catalog Album 15.

6 thoughts on “Winneconne Historical Society Reports New Finds – See them Here!

  1. hi, i have a photo. it is entitled Goodnight. it shows two young people kissing. it is numbered #257. The date is 1904. Can you give me any info. on it?

  2. Hi Eileen,\n\nHi Eileen,\n\nThanks for writing. Do you have a photo or is it a print? We have two images of “Goodnight” in our Slideshow. Album 2, Image #10 shows a colored print published by Thomas D. Murphy Co on a 1906 calendar. It is marked (C)1904 TDM Co. From Photo by Tonnesen. Image #14 in Album 5, shows a black and white print with a 1900 copyright by Tonnesen Sisters. It was published as an art supplement of “Chicago Inter Ocean” ( a newspaper). Note that the black and white Tonnesen Sisters version shows the clock often seen in early Tonnesen photos in the background. However, the later, TDM colored version shows a different background. It appears that Tonnesen Sisters allowed their copyrighted photo print to appear as a newspaper supplement before selling it to the TDM Company for their copyright and use. I surmise that the photo was then illustrated – color added and background changed – by the calendar company. TDM also published the colored print as a 1906 calendar postcard. I hope you find this information useful.\nLois

  3. Have (!) photograh on glass. 8 “by 10”, without the black wooden frame. Copyright 1900. Tonnesen sisters in right hand corner. J3 appears on top right corner. It is black and white. What is the value?

    Thank you,
    Ron Hoff
    Mobile, Alabama

  4. Hi Ron,\nWe aren’t antique dealers so our opinions aren’t those of professionals. And, without seeing your item, it is impossible to hazard a guess as to its value. Its subject matter and condition would be important factors. It sounds like you have a “reverse painted” image – an image printed on glass. Those are certainly more rare than paper prints framed in glass and, therefore, probably more valuable. We’d love to see the item anyway, if you’d like to email it. Thanks for writing.\nLois

  5. Hi,
    I have a photograph of a young lady with a piece of hay in her mouth. On the photo: titled ” a hay seed” also on the photo ” copyright 1899 by tonnesen sisters

  6. Hi Mike,\nYou have one of Tonnesen’s earliest and most popular prints. It was produced in both black and white and color versions. It is shown in a couple of places on our blog, one of which is in Album #15. Thanks for writing.\n-Lois

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